Experienced Coach


Since 2005

Passionate and Dedicated


person locking gym plates on barbell
person locking gym plates on barbell
Building Champions


With over 30 years of experience in training amateur and professional athletes, I have built a reputation as a world class boxing coach. I have trained numerous champions and have a proven track record of success. My passion and dedication to the sport drive me to help my fighters reach their full potential.

Expert in Boxing Techniques

Building Champions

I have successfully trained and developed fighters who have gone on to become champions in their respective weight classes. From local competitions to international events, my fighters have consistently performed at the highest level.

Amateur & Youth Boxing
Professional Boxing

I have a strong background in training professional boxers, helping them improve their skills and compete in national and worldwide tournaments. My focus on technique and strategy has led to many victories for my fighters.

Committed to nurturing young talent and have established a youth boxing program. Through this program, I mentor and train young boxers, teaching them discipline, perseverance, anti-bullying and the fundamentals of the sport.